The Proustograph, Proust and In Search of Lost Time

The Proustograph , Proust and In Search of Lost Time in Infographics

Nicolas Ragonneau

Of Christmas

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How many books did Proust sell? What languages ​​has it been translated into? What drugs was he taking? How many tens of thousands of letters did he send? How many characters did he give life and language? What are the particularities of his style? What is the real history of the madeleine? In what year did he wear the handlebar mustache? A true visual encyclopedia devoted to the author of À la recherche du temps perdu and his books, Le Proustographe brings, in nearly 100 infographics, a new and modern look at Marcel Proust, the adored novelist of a monumental work, to the occasion of the centenary of his death.Nicolas Ragonneau is author of the reference blog . On Proust, he also signed Proustonomics , one hundred years with Marcel Proust (Le temps qu’il fait, 2021).