A date is written on the back of the bags or boxes. This varies between 8 weeks and 16 weeks depending on conditioning.

Once the bag is opened, your madeleines will keep for a maximum of 2 days in the fridge. Ideally, you can wrap them with a clean cloth. This will preserve the moisture of the madeleine.


Traditional oven at 180°.

Each format has a different heating time.
From 5 minutes for the smallest to 15 minutes for the largest formats.
The guideline is to wait until the edges of the madeleine brown slightly.

Serve the madeleine warm.

The microwave oven is totally not recommended, as are salamanders. These two heating techniques dry out our madeleines.


If you wish to sell our madeleines in your delicatessen, tea room, hotel, we advise you to contact our sales department 06 11 04 91 33, to guide you in choosing the presentation best suited to your brand.

The freshness sachet that you find in our packaging is a sachet which allows us to maintain the taste quality of our madeleines.

Under no circumstances is it consumable.


There is no danger in swallowing the contents of the fresh sachets but the powder inside the sachet is not consumable.

It is possible to make perfumes on demand. Contact our sales department 06 11 04 91 33

Our madeleines are for sale in various delicatessens throughout France.

Contact our sales department on 06 11 04 91 33 or consult our map to find the store closest to you.