Private lunch at the Madeleine de Proust mill

On the occasion of an Airbnb weekend in this exceptional location of the Madeleine de Proust mill, crossed by two rivers, the Foussarde and the Loir, Maxime and Jean-Jacques gave us an unforgettable gastronomic moment.

Under the benevolent gaze of Marcel Proust, an extremely faithful reproduction of Emile Blanche which stands above a piece of Boulle furniture, a very refined table, around Malicorne earthenware plates designed by Maxime, awaited us.

A window opening onto the river refreshed us and projected us into an era where time was lost with nostalgia.

Jean Jacques Jouteux, 2* Michelin from Paul Bocuse's generation, had prepared a lunch for us on the theme of childhood memories.

A real treat, a subtle encounter with the meat of fish and vegetables.

A sort of carte blanche where the artist completely shares with us his infinite love for cooking.